If you're looking for a fun and educational camp this summer, look no further!  Camp Urban Sol, hosted by the UDA Foundation, offers an assortment of half-day courses to interest and excite any kid.  All courses are taught by credentialed teachers, so your child can continue to learn over summer through hands-on activities, experiments, community adventures and play. 

Supervised lunch for those attending full day. Lunches will not be provided.
All camp courses are subject to change or close due to enrollment

If you have any questions, please contact Megan Buie at


1 week courses (8-12 pm, 1-5 pm)

$150 per course (1 week, 4 hours)

Lego (Ms. McGreevy)
(Grades K-8) Come and let your imagination soar to new heights! Campers will design, create and build creations out of Legos. See if you can build skyscrapers, motorized robots, roller coasters and so much more!

Engineering Design (Ms. McGreevy)
(Grades K-5) In this camp, students will try their hand at the Engineering Design Process. This process involves a series of steps used by engineers to identify and solve problems. These problem solving strategies are essential life skills that can be applied to many other situations – not just the technical world of engineering. Students will be challenged to invent, to create, to design, and to build. Students will experience the excitement of solving problems head on. They will learn to listen to and to respect the ideas of their teammates. And most of all, they will learn the confidence to resolve their own open-ended problems, and the ability to apply engineering concepts to them.

Culinary Experience (Ms. Lee)
(Grades K-8) Students embark on a culinary adventure as they explore the foods and flavors of our local community. A visit to Smart Farms to observe organic farming practices and sustainability is projected. Students often take home a sampling of the meals they create as well as a collection of the recipes they have prepared. No kitchen experience necessary – only a love of food and a healthy appetite.

Cardboard Regatta (Ms. McGreevy)
(Grades K-8) Beat the summer heat by participating in the cardboard regatta! Spend a week planning, building, and decorating a life-sized rowboat made entirely of duct tape and cardboard. End the experience with a ferry ride to Coronado to test and race your boat in the bay! Will your design stay afloat?

Intramural Sports (Ms. Burris/Coach Giezek)
Here at Camp Urban Sol, Intramural Sports are organized in a way for the students in our community to be involved in athletic competition with and against each other. Students will be taught athletic, sportsmanship and teamwork skills. Participation in intramural sports has the potential to positively affect a person physically, socially, and mentally. We will be hosting sports such as soccer, basketball, flag football and more during the session!

Futsal (Coach Giezek)
Here at Camp Urban Sol, futsal is an exciting, fast paced alternative to your traditional game of soccer. A lot of the soccer strategies are used in the game of futsal that improve our physical and mental health. It also teaches the social skills necessary in our community that will teach us the importance of the sport and how it can benefit us for a lifelong of wellness. Similar to intramural sports where our focus is athletics, sportsmanship and teamwork, Futsal emphasizes on creativity, improvisation, and technique. Since the sport is played 5v5 it allows individuals more opportunities to be successful and develop their technique in a comfortable learning environment!

Edible Artwork (Ms. McGreevy)
It's okay to play with your food in Edible Art Club! Make projects that taste as good as they look while you experiment with art supplies you can eat! We'll create paintings, sculptures, and more during our week long session- and end each day with a tasty treat!