JUNE 24 - July 26, 2019

If you're looking for a fun and educational camp this summer, look no further!  Camp Urban Sol, hosted by the UDA Foundation, offers an assortment of half-day courses to interest and excite any kid.  All courses are taught by credentialed teachers, so your child can continue to learn over summer through hands-on activities, experiments, community adventures and play. 

Supervised lunch for those attending full day. Lunches will not be provided.
All camp courses are subject to change or close due to enrollment

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Gomes


Pricing (first child) : $150 per half day each week and $225 per full day each week. Please contact Mike Gomes [] for discount code.

Each additional child receives a 5% discount

Music Engineering (Mr. Naveed)
Ever wonder how that catchy song on the radio was made? Well now is your chance to join a music production course at Urban Discovery Academy! DJ and Producer Naveed Etemadipour will be sharing his equipment and knowledge of music production. Learn about beat progression and time signatures as well as the history behind where various music originated from and how it evolved. Learn about the various equipment available on the market and have the opportunity to learn Machine Studio Software as well as a machine drum machine. Each Student will be equipped with enough information in this course to make their own song! Don't miss this opportunity, we can't wait to hear your son or daughters first beat!

Urban Explorers (Mr. Naveed)
Is your Son or daughter an adventurer? Do they enjoy hikes and treks through downtown San Diego? Take trips to various hidden treasures in San Diego to explore our urban environment.

Fundamentals of DJing (Mr. Naveed)
Ever wonder what the Dj was doing behind the booth? Well now is your opportunity to find out and become your very own Disc Jockey. DJ and producer Naveed Etemadipour will be teaching the art of mixing. Learn how to beat match and mix your favorite songs as well as the history of Djing. Learn about the various equipment DJs use, from CDJ’s to vinyl turntables all the way to digital mixing on controllers. In this course you will have the opportunity to use the industry standard Traktor software and Traktor controllers. Students will be equipped with with enough information in this course to DJ and record their own mix! Don't miss this opportunity, we can't wait to hear your song or daughters first mix!

Sports (Mr. Dunlap)
Sports, Sports, Sports!! Summer sports at camp Urban Sol with Coach Dunlap is the place to be! We will be learning about various sports, discussing sports, and most importantly playing sports! Athletes will have the opportunity to learn rules, strategy, and technique under the supervision of CIF, Metro Conference and NFHS certified Coach Akeem Dunlap. Each week we will focus on one sport and we will learn how to understand the rules and participate safely. Athletes will be instructed stretching techniques to prevent injuries and promote well being. Let’s have fun and get better together this summer. Don’t miss out!

Culinary (Ms. McGreevy)
Students will learn how to shop for healthy, ripe seasonal fruits and veggies to bring life to their everyday meals. In this camp you do not need to know your way around the kitchen, but you must love food and bring you appetite with you. Join us on this culinary adventure of well being and endless fun! Ready...Set...Cook!

STEAM (Ms. McGreevy/Ms. Smith)
Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. This is a hands on class designed to keep students engaged and wanting more. We will be building, creating, problem solving, and designing various projects throughout the week while learning real world skills. Who knows, you may even be able to eat some of them! Come and find out.

LEGOS (Mr. Mike/Ms. Smith)
Come and let your imagination soar to new heights! Campers will design, create and build creations out of Legos. See if you can build skyscrapers, motorized robots, roller coasters and so much more!